Expanding Your Toddler's Vocabulary With Adjectives Using These 5 Hows

There are many ways every parent can work on when it comes to expanding their toddler's vocabulary, however, we are going to work on by posting the 5 types of questions that start with HOW as the followings:
1 - How are you?
Instead of the common and expected answer "fine", the next time your toddler ask you this question, reply variously with one of the followings:
So, the next time YOU ask this question, not only you get a different answer, but you will understand his feelings better.
2 - How is your food?
The second thing you would like to try is definitely this. While this question may expand your toddler's vocabulary list, it will actually help you to know how they think of their meals. So, if you get this question during the next meal, try using one of these words:
3 - How do you feel?
This powerful question does not only help you understand your toddler's feelings, but in fact will enable you and your toddlers to spend enough time to listen to one another. One day when you find yourselves upset, may be you can sit with your little ones and express yourselves with adjectives below so that in the future, you know that they have expanded their own vocabulary by listening to you.
4 - How was your trip to the grocer?
Interesting, right? Yes, let them explain to you what they saw, what they touched, what did your partner agree to pick and leave behind. With this, do expect a little chaotic explanation, but what is the goal again? Expanding your toddler's vocabulary with adjectives with 5 hows and this is one of them.
5 - How is school today?
I remember as I was growing up, my father asked me this question on daily basis right after I entered the car from school. I used to hate this question but to think about it again, now I appreciate the question and sometimes I think this is a good question to even ask yourselves everyday. It has a pondering effect that is worth spending a little time on. So, what I wish I had answered this question with?
Fierce teacher
New friend
Handsome crush
Intelligent boyfriend
Friendly friend's mom
Jealous girls
Nosy gang
Well, as I listed those phrases I smiled alone thinking how would my father reacted should I had answered all those. Nah, this article is meant for toddlers, not for your teenage children though. We'll get to that next time.
So do you have anything to share on how to expand your toddler's vocabulary with adjectives? Drop your ideas in the comment. Thank you for spending time immersing yourselves into this entry.
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