Some innovations may be too efficient in the current period

Not long ago, I was discussing a rather interesting innovation with an acquaintance of mine. The innovation was so dynamic and potentially incredible that it would change the supply chain of the energy industry. The changes would be so drastic and pervasive that they would unbalance everything else. In other words, before it could come to fruition and really be used in the industry, the entire industry would have to change first, otherwise the industry would not be ready for it and therefore could not use it. Okay, so let's talk, okay?

It seems to me that this example that I have stumbled upon is not unusual. Consider นวัตกรรมน่าสนใจ if you want for natural gas. With that amount of natural gas now available, we could run all of our vehicles on natural gas. Unfortunately, it would take years to get so many natural gas-powered systems in all of our cars and trucks that are already built, not to mention years to change manufacturing processes to create new vehicles that run on natural gas. Not to mention the fact that gas stations and fueling components in our civilization are not in place yet either.

Also consider new motors for electric cars. If we develop a super-efficient electric motor, that doesn't mean we can change all of our cars right away. If everyone had an electric car, well, we don't produce enough electricity to charge all the batteries for everyone like their cars. Also, the batteries we have that can run on electric cars aren't enough to get the job done, and have their own limitations. So even if you have a super-efficient electric motor, something revolutionary, a new design that removes everything else out of the water, you still can't use it.

Again, this returns to my main comment; Some innovations may be too efficient for the current period, and to that extent it is not only in the energy industry, it would be in all industries and in all sectors of human effort. Perhaps that is why people obtain concept patents well in advance, sometimes decades before the world is really ready for them. They are great ideas and concepts, and could generate quite a bit of money for the inventor in royalties or license agreements. The problem is that the industry is not ready for that yet, and it won't be for long enough.

In fact, I would like you as an innovator, entrepreneur, investor and inventor to consider all of this and think about it. Just because you have the best invention in the world doesn't mean that the world, or even the industry where it will do the most good, is ready for that.

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